Fabio the Flamingo

What do you make a one year old with roots from Florida for her birthday? Why a flamingo of course! I saw the pattern for Fabio the Flamingo on Etsy and knew he was the winner.

Well a month later and some serious engineering and Fabio is complete! The pattern directions were really well laid out. Everything from the actual making to the finishing was very clear. I used safety eyes rather than embroidering them on as my embroidery skills are terrible. I also made some adjustments to the body and wing size.

My only issue was the neck. The pattern called for you to really pack in the stuffing to get the neck to stand up. Easy right? My reality was Fabio looked like he was suffering from a spine removal. My solution? I inserted a bendable wire and packed stuffing around it. His neck is still a bit wobbly, but nothing is perfect.

Fabio left our house looking pretty good. He got to enjoy some sunshine on the balcony before the typhoon rains hit.

I never thought I would be into creating crochet animals. They always seemed too fiddly. However, previous months of quarantine have taught me that a change in mindset can open so many different possibilities.

Until Next Time,


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