The Finish Line

This week is all about Finished Objects. My blocking pile has been getting taller by the day. I don’t know what it is, but I will rush to finish a project and then leave it for weeks to be blocked/washed.  😕

I used the last bits of my Miss Babs Rainbow yarn to make this cute little infant set:

I am not sure about the sizing of these socks. They look really wide for what I was guessing would fit 0-3 months. I guess bigger is better?  I love making baby stuff (it is quick and super cute), but I need to get better at sizing. I just eyeball it. Yet, I am rarely around infants so I don’t really know if my eyeballs are calibrated correctly hahah. I guess this needs to be one of my crafting goals for 2016. 

Whit’s Super Bowl Guide

Super Bowl 50 is upon us! 🏈 Living in the Bay Area, I have been bombarded with Super Bowl these last few weeks. There are concerts, statues, memorabilia, and tourists all over the city. I am not a huge football fan, but I do love the Super Bowl. It is such a great way to get friends together. Here are my essentials to having a great time during the Super Bowl.

  1. Get your knitting project together. Thought I would leave out crafting? No way! Pick a portable project that is repetitive. You are going to be talking, eating , and watching half time performances. Therefore, pick something you can knit without thinking. I am knitting  Anastasia Socks. They look tricky, but the pattern is pretty easy to follow.   Want something football themed?Check  out my Football Coasters
  2. Get your snacks together. I love Super Bowl snacks! I try to have a good balance of “junk food” (wings, nachos, pulled pork) and healthier options ( veggies and hummus). This year I am also adding caramel Rice Krispie treats to the snack line up.
  3. Seating. Make sure you have spots for everyone. Whether it is the couch or cute pillows on the ground everyone needs a spot to watch the game. 
  4. Have some fun decor! Hey it is a party right? Decor can be as minimal as football played or as elaborate as this: (photo from Princess Pinky Girl) 
  5. Libations. Have a variety of adult beverages as well as kiddy ones.
  6. Good company! Super Bowl parties are a great way to gather all sorts of friends you know. Come together and have a good time!

Our local team, the 49ers, are not in the big game so I will be rooting for the Carolina Panthers. I ❤️ Cam Newton! 

What are your Super Bowl essentials?

You Know…

You know you have a knitting problem when you bring two WIPs to a 3 hr workshop 😳. The fear of not having a project to work on is real! Thankfully, I was over-prepared and I had more than enough knitting for the duration of the workshop. I got to add a couple more stripes to my latest sweater (Pattern- On the Beach):

I also added a couple of rows to this in-between project  (Newborn Socks of my own design)

Nothing is quite done, but I was glad to be able to kill two birds with one stone

✔️fulfilling my professional development

✔️getting some knitting completed

Do you ever fear of being without a project? 

Want It Wednesday-Mitten Envy

I have very fond memories of knitted mittens in my childhood. We lived in Massachusetts so snow was a regular winter occurance. Every year my grandmother would send a care package of candies and pairs of knitted mittens. My sister and I would put on several pair and head outside for hours of fun. 

Mittens are not an essential in my life now, but the many blog posts about them have gotten me a little envious. I want a pair! Here are some of the patterns that have caught my eye:

Hedgehog mittens 

March Newgrange Mittens  


Freaks Mittens  

What are some of your favorite mitten patterns?

South American Goodies

Last week, someone gifted me two 100 g skeins of this:


This yarn is Reginella Rueca made in Chile. It is a 100% wool that is super soft and quite fluffy. The yarn does has varying thickness throughout the skein (see below). Normally, I would not buy yarn like this on my own. I like my finished project’s tension to look very even throughout the garment. Never the less, the yarn was free and a quick Ravelry search (granted it was one vote) gave it 5 stars. IMG_7301[1]

I pulled out my size US 19 needles (aka the biggest ones that I have) and cast on 16 stitches. I intended on making a cowl as I had only 200 g of yarn to work with. I didn’t want to use just basic stockinette so I racked my brain for a simple and slightly textured pattern. I immediately thought of the broken rib stitch used in the Graham beanie and got to work.

Man using big needles and bulky yarn was a challenge of fine motor skills. Throughout this project I felt very clumsy. It was like I was just learning to knit haha. The needle size was also a huge contrast from the needle to yarn ratio I have been using lately (think US Size 2 needles and fingering weight yarn). By the half way point, I had gotten the hang of it and the rest of the project went a bit more smoothly.

The cowl came out nice. It is thick and cozy with a pop of color. I don’t think I will be wearing it as it is too warm here (think low 60’s). However, it will go into my gifting bin with the hope it will eventually find a nice home.

So would I use this yarn again? Probably not. I am not a bulky yarn fan and the finished look is too wobbly for me. Despite this, It was a fun knitting adventure :)

Want It Wednesday

My mother had really gotten into essential oils. She raves they have improved her relaxation, helped her beat colds, and alleviated her muscle aches. The blog Helloglow just posted an article about the top 5 essential oils to use. 

 I am thinking it is time to give essential oils a try. Do you use essential oils as part of an aromatherapy routine?