A Brief Intermission


Well there are three more days until summer break and I am busy busy busy. I am moving schools so I have to pack and sort my current office and cart it all back to my apartment. While this is going on, I am finishing up all of the final details for my wedding (25 days!). Due to all of this and then my honeymoon I must take a break from my blog. This Whit is juggling too many balls right now.

I would like to thank everyone for reading and hope that you continue when I return. Regular posting should resume in August 2016. Until then enjoy your summer!

Sneak Peak

I used to L-O-V-E crop tops in my former years. They always felt so daring to wear. For some reason, that bit of skin showing made me feel like such a rebel (hahah). As I got older, I decided that my midriff needed to be underwraps.  The other day I came across this article about how to style a crop top. At first I was a little skeptical….how can you style a crop top to look chic and age-appropriate (aka not like a 17 year old girl)? I was pleasantly  surprised at the variety of new ways to rock this trend. Well it got me thinking…then it got me pinning…and then I headed to Ravelry. Well you see where this is going.

Enter my newest project on the needles Zach’s Bay Crop Top. When I first saw the project picture I knew I had to make it. It was pink and lacy…two of my favorite things. I have gotten the front completed and have just started the back. Things are going well 😊. I did add 6 extra rows to the bottom of the top as I don’t want too much of my stomach showing. I can’t wait to get this project finished for the summer!

Weekend Wrap-Up: Memorial Day

This weekend was action packed. There was some traveling, some knitting, and some great company.

On Friday, we headed down to Santa Cruz, CA for a wedding. We went a day early to take advantage of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.  I am not a roller coaster/crazy ride person, but I enjoyed watching my fiancé. We also took a stroll on the beach and checked out the sea lions. 

The wedding was a rustic affair set on a beautiful ranch. The scenery was perfection. I had whipped up a shawl prior to the weekend. California (especially Northern California) is notoriously chilly when the sun goes down. By 6:00 pm I was so thankful for a warm wooly layer.

On Sunday, we headed home and just relaxed. We have been binge watching Game of Thrones and it is getting good. While watching I finished my Little Neon Cowl (Yarn: Twisted Owl’s “Birds of a Feather”). Inspiration for this cowl came from the Simple Ribbed Cowl by Orange Flower Yarn. My version is much smaller and thinner as a bulky cowl is not needed in San Francisco. Can’t wait to add it to my growing neckwear collection.

On Monday I headed to the pool with some of my friends from my book club. The day couldn’t have been more ideal. The sun was glorious, the margaritas were flowing, and of course I had my knitting in hand. 

All and all a thoroughly relaxing weekend before the rush of the end of the school year. I couldn’t have asked for anything better 😊.

3 Ways to Incorrectly Knit Anastasia Socks

For some reason the Anastasia Socks did not come together for me. Having about a dozen handmade socks under my belt you would think that whenever I picked up my DPNs magic would happen. That was not the case in this scenario. These socks did not knit up the way I planned.

Here is my finished pair:

So what went wrong?

  1. I didn’t take the chance on the short row toes. As a result, the toes ended up being a little pointy. You can’t really tell when the socks are on, but in hindsight I should have gone with the pattern.
  2. I mis-read the pattern at several points. Due to this, I had to remake the first 2 times before getting one complete sock. One of the biggest errors I made was not reading the chart properly. I overlooked that the chart was numbered by even rows and I was suppose to knit on every odd row. The knitted row between the eyelet rows really made a difference.
  3. I ran out of yarn. At first I just couldn’t believe it. How did that happen??? Well because I used a smaller knitting needle that the pattern called for. I thought it said US Size 1. Whoops.

Overall, I am not happy with these socks. To be honest I finished them just to finish them. They are still wearable, but not my finest knitting accomplishment. I hate it when you make something and it doesn’t work out.😒

What Is Your Sock Style?

The above headline on Craftsy’s Blog got me wondering do I have a sock style?

I took the quiz and the results were… ADVENTUROUS.

Just like your sock knitting, you are adventurous. You like to try knitting different types and colors of socks, just like you enjoy trying different foods and traveling to different places. You love anything that’s bold and stands out from the crowd.

So…What is your sock style? 

FO Friday: Afterthought Heels

Yeah I know I am putting this up on a Thursday, but I was too excited. Orange Socks are done! Woot! Woot!


These socks are a basic stockinette with an afterthought heel. So many of you out there are using this technique I had to get in on the action. So what is this Afterthought Heel business? Basically you knit your entire sock without the heel section…aka make a big tube. Afterward you go back and knit the heel section. How do you do this you say? Well check out this great tutorial by The KnitGirllls. It is well paced and was very easy to follow. Not a video person? Well here is a written tutorial on the blog Knitting Up a Storm. Most times I prefer the written tutorial. For some reason with the afterthought heel I needed the video support as some aspects were a little difficult for me to wrap my brain around.

I casted on 30 stitches for each sock using Judy’s Magic Cast On and double magic looped them.  I worked the foot sections until ~2 inches from my heel. Next I knitted in the scrap yarn to mark where I would go back to begin my afterthought heels. Finally, I knitted another 6 rows of stockinette before making a 1×1 rib for the cuff. I kept the cuff on these socks short as I started to get bored with the ribbing. Now it was time for the good stuff. (Note: I completed the heels on each sock individually and not with the double magic loop method) I picked up all of my stitches along the top and bottom and pulled the scrap yarn out. I was a little nervous to do this. What if I didn’t get all the stitches picked up? Would I create a dropped stitch nightmare? Luckily, I coached myself to take it slow and be very careful and the process was smooth sailing. From there just imagine you are making a toe section. I decreased my heel to 16 stitches total and then used the Kitchener’s Stitch to bind off. I did it!


So what are my thoughts about the Afterthought Heel?

Pros: They are quick to make and you do not have to turn a heel like when making a heel flap. There is also no short rows required. I think this type of heel is perfect for travel/commuting. You can make the whole sock uninterrupted and then you can go back to the tricky part (for me it is always the heel) when you want. No stitch holders required.

Cons: If you are not the best at picking up teeny tiny stitches then this method could be a little daunting. You will need to pick up at least 60 of them for an average sock. My only other issue is measuring. I am such an “eyeballer” when it comes to knitting. Especially when it comes to making things for myself. Without a heel socket it was hard to measure the length of my leg section (I was knitting toe up) by just trying it on. My advice: Take the time to measure all the sections of your foot with an actual measuring tool and not your body’s landmarks (haha).


So would I do this again? Sure. Will this be my go to method? I am on the fence. Part of it is that I am so comfortable with other methods that I am naturally inclined to just use them. However, I am glad I tried the Afterthought heel out and I will tuck this method in my arsenal.

Need help choosing a heel? Check out this post on Alpaca Direct. It gives you a quick and dirty guide to the most common heels and links to sites for more info.

WIP Wednesday

As I anxiously await some recently ordered yarn, here is what is on the needles:

My Orange Socks are working up nicely. I decided to use an afterthought heel. I have never made socks with this type of construction and am eager to see the finished result. 

I got a little bored with the socks so I pulled a skien of Vanna’s Choice in Dusty Purple out of my stash and started a hat. This is totally a process pattern. I just started knitting and let it take me places. What are you knitting today?