Finished Object Friday: Another Lacy Scarf

Friday woot woot! I know you are excited. I am excited to FINALLY show you this finished object.  This one felt like it took forever to complete.

Meet my newest Lacy Scarf. I shall call her Olivia, as she is the color of olives. Here she is before I blocked her.

scarf 3

I found this free pattern on the blog Give Me a Purl. It was a pretty easy project to make. It would definitely be good beginner lace project.

My personal changes to the pattern: Instead of using the recommended size US 10 needles, I used size US 5. I liked the slightly tighter tension it gave. I also used wool/nylon blend yarn rather than alpaca. For more information please see my Ravelry page.

scarf1 scarf2

This scarf is intended as a birthday gift for a friend. Fingers crossed she doesn’t figure out it is for her before I send it off. Hopefully, it is thin enough that she can wear it even though summer is approaching. You never know when a chilly summer night might pop up. Right?

What are you finishing this Friday?

WIP Wenesday: Pinwheel Blanket

My Pinwheel Baby Blanket is slow going. One reason is that I have not had much knitting time. Errands and activities have kept me pretty busy. The other reason is that I have had some serious hand pain while knitting. I decided to take a break from this project as I am using some tiny needles. Here is what she looks like so far:


I have a four-day weekend coming up so hopefully my blanket will grow another 2 inches or so. The baby isn’t due till October so I still have plenty of time :).

What are you working on this Wednesday? 

Summer Knitting

If you are anything like me you can’t put those needles down just because it’s hot outside. I generally have  two months off from work in the summer, so that means it is prime knitting time! When I am not traveling, I tend to take on big projects like blankets/afghans or complex sweaters. These projects are perfect as I have hours of free time to relax and knit.

The countdown is officially on- 4 weeks till the end of the school year! My summer plans have been nailed down and I happy to announce that they include a 6 week trip to South America. I am super excited about the trip as I have never been to this region before. However, as most knitters know preparing for traveling can get a little tricky when you factor in your knitting.

70c5f58299cced1fdcc25d7b2c767745I am still in the first phase of trying to find a project to bring on the trip. I am thinking a sweater. For the amount of time we will be on buses and other transportation I don’t think a shawl or socks will last me the entire trip. Buying more yarn for additional projects is appealing (and something I will probably do), however, I will not have steady access to patterns and knitting tools. Therefore, a sweater is ideal as I know it will take me at least a month to complete.

Here are some sweaters I have been eyeing on Ravelry:

Ease– By Alicia Plummer: This looks so comfy and well “easy” to pop on during weekend errands.

BlueSand Cardigan– By La Maison Rililie: Cardigans are a must in San Francisco (aka: the city of layers).

Prairie Fire– By TinCan Knits: I love how the complex lace pattern runs up the front of this piece. It is so pretty.

So many choices and I can only pick one…:(  So if you had to just choose one what would it be?

When Knitting Hurts

I have been knitting like crazy for the past week and half. I just can’t seem to put the needles down. The needle sizes I have been primarily using have been very tiny (US size 1). As a result, my hands and finger joints are in some serious pain today. My hands feel like this…

creepy-hands-copialowres I did a little research and found these great hand stretches. I have been doing them periodically throughout the day and it has relieved the pain a teeny tiny bit. However, the cold hard truth is that I most likely need to put down the needles for the next couple of days.  This makes me so sad as I have two really enjoyable WIPs going right now. :(. Ugh! #knittingproblems.

What do you do when crafting gets painful?

Put Your Heart To Paper

Words are power. They have the ability to upset, question, and generate joy. One thing everyone could do more of is use their words to express thanks. A few words of gratitude have the ability to pick up anyone’s day. Mother’s Day is a perfect day to shower your mother with some gratitude.  Here is a really cute idea from the blog We Lived Happily Ever After.  All you need is a pen and paper to show your love! 

I did a quick search on Pinterest to find a nice poem to use. I settled on “A Mother’s Love” by Helen Steiner Rice. I just love the sentimental nature of the poem.

 Rather than place it on a card, I put it in a picture frame so that it could be displayed year round.   My Materials: Old flyer from the recycling, white piece of card stock paper, a fine tip pen, scissors, small picture frame

Wishing all the mothers out there a very Happy Mother’s Day! 💐