Project Complete: Blueberry Waffle Socks

Right now I am a little bummed. I submitted applications to two local craft fairs and got two rejection emails. *sigh* I am going to keep looking, but as always rejection is a little hard on the ego.

On the positive side, I finished my first Christmas gift of 2016! Woot Woot! I knitted the Blueberry Waffle Socks using Viking of Norway‘s Babyull in Blue (328). They came out beautifully.

Normally, I make my socks using US Size 1 needles. I am in love with a tight knit form-fitting sock. However, the recipient of these socks has a much wider foot than I do as well as he/she lives in a much colder climate. So I chose this pattern as it uses bulkier yarn (fingering weight) and allows for a roomier fit. Given the gauge, these socks really flew off the needles!

The Blueberry Waffle Sock pattern is a cuff down pattern that includes a heel flap and use of the Kitchener’s stitch on the toe. The pattern is very repetitive without being tedious 👍🏾. As long as you know how to count your rows you are golden!

The yarn is definitely squishy and soft, which makes is pleasant to work with. Babyull is plied on the tighter side so it gives great stitch definition. I love how contrasted the purl and knit stitches came out within waffle pattern. I haven’t washed my FO, therefore, I cannot attest to if the color will bleed or shedding. Some reviews on Ravelry stated the yarn is itchy/coarse. I didn’t experience this. The reviews in questions are over 2 years old so maybe the brand has modified the yarn?

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The Second City: Adventures in Chicago 

This weekend I took a short trip to Chicago, IL with my hubby and some friends. What a stellar trip. We ate too much, laughed too hard, and tracked some serious steps according to our iPhones. 

Day One had us traveling to Northwestern University to see my lovely cousin. We took the train from the airport and headed to Evanston. It was homecoming weekend and the town was alive with football fans. Instead of going to the game,  we took in the beauty of campus and its fantastic lake views.  (Step count 5,297)

In the afternoon we jumped on the train to head into Chicago. The “L” or CTA is on a elevated rail (hence its name) so you can admire the city as you travel. Later that night, we cruised down the river on an Architectural tour which was fantastic. Chicago has such a rich history and such glorious buildings. (Step Count 11,234)

After our boat tour we had dinner at a local steakhouse amid the whoops of the Chicago Cubs fans. Let me tell you this town is excited about a potential World Series Win. Our group ended the night with a show at the famous Second City Comedy Club.  The show was called #DateMe and it was hilarious! (Step count 16,791)

On Day 2, we walked a total of 17,287 steps around the downtown Chicago area. Among the sites we saw where Millennium Park, Cloud Gate, Lake Michigan, and Grant Park. The weather could not have been more perfect. A sunny day with a light breeze…Fall perfection! 🙌🏾

Sadly “My Favorite Cardigan” was not ready in time to take on my trip. I finished the sweater a little too late and it was not dry enough to pack. No worries though as I had my Butter Union Station Cardigan. This sweater has proven to fit so well in my wardrobe. Not only do I love the bright color pop, but it is such a great layering piece. 

At sunset we went up to the 96th floor in the John Hancock building to get a cocktail and take in the view. My girlfriend and I found the rumor to be true. The best view is from the ladies room, sorry guys (hahah). 

Finally on day 3 we went to the famous Art Insitute of Chicago. Such spectacular works! I loved this museum as it had a little bit for everyone to enjoy. Everything from Ancient Greecian art to contemporary pieces are on display. (Step Count 17,062)

Chicago was spectacular and if you have not visited I highly suggest you do! There are so many activities, museums, and  great restaurants to check out.

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Recently, I had a lot of personal deadlines come up. This had left me feeling like I got home from work to “work” again. Don’t get me wrong my “work” was enjoyable, but I was feeling a little too busy for my liking.

First off I was prepping for a craft fair I was part of last Sunday. I spent the week before getting all of the hats and scarves washed and ready for sale. I made some pretty good sales, but I still had A LOT of hats left. Hopefully, I can find another craft fair to partake in. I just hate having FOs just sitting around in storage.

My book club just finished the  The Hypnotist Love Story by Liane Moriarty.  I had about 3 months to read this book (we took a break over the summer holidays) and of course I waited to the last minute to read it. Instead of slowly savoring the story, I was barreling through about 75 pages a night. Good thing it was pleasurable reading or I would have been in some trouble. Overall, the book was cute. A little predictable in parts, but still a satisfying read.


I also had two knitting projects that needed to be completed ASAP. I made little animal hats for a couple of twins that will arrive later this fall. Infant hats are super easy to make, but the sewing was what had me dragging my feet. Ugh I hate sewing on all the little parts. On the bright side, I got a splendid result. I used the patterns on the blog Little Red Window as guides (Koala and Panda). I changed the number stitches casted on, used US Size 6 needles, and modified the way the eyes/noses/ears were created. The yarn was Berroco Comfort in Chalk, Liquorice, and Ash Grey.  The associate at my LYS recommended the yarn, and I am delighted with the result. It is so so soft. Perfect for babies!

Do personal deadlines ever have you feeling a little harried? 

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How Do You Pick a Pattern?

There are so many choices of patterns to make that one could spend a week (or more) sifting through all of them. Websites like Ravelry, Craftsy, and Pinterest have greatly opened the accessibility to patterns of all types. On one hand it is amazing to have so many choices at my fingertips, however, it can feel a little overwhelming. There are just so many factors that go into choosing a project.

  1. Design Elements: Depending on what is on the blogs and Instagram, I often get fixed on a design elements I want to perfect or try. Recently, it was making socks with an afterthought heel.
  2. Time and Needle Size: For me these two factors go together. Smaller needles most often means more time needed knitting. Sometimes you might want a slow burning project while other time a quick fix will do the trick.
  3. The Season/Weather: I no longer make bulky weight projects for myself as I live in a temperate climate. I also like to wear my projects soon after making them. Therefore, I tend to stick to seasonally appropriate fibers and projects.
  4. Recommendations: Whether it is friends or other bloggers I will always consider a recommended project. Hence the completion of my Jaywalker Socks and Nutkins.

Stash Yarn: Although I don’t keep a large yarn stash there are some impulse buys in my bin. When the time comes to create them into something great, I like to use Ravelry’s search features to help guide my selection.

How do you choose a pattern?

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WIP Wednesday

Generally, I am a monogamous knitter but lately my attention has been all over the place.

My Rainbow Dovetail Scarf is in hibernation as I ran out of yarn.☹️️

A couple of weeks ago I broke into my newer yarn and began My Favorite Cardigan. This is a really enjoyable knit. I am enamored by the color, the plushiness of the yarn, and the pattern. It is pretty perfect TV knitting. I just got past the sleeve divide and now am working the body.

I am also currently blocking a ton of hats. On Sunday, I am participating in an Artisan Fair at my husband’s school. I made about 35 hats and headbands  as well as 8 scarves for the event. The hats are taking forever to dry as it has been rather cloudy and chilly here in San Francisco. Hopefully everything is ready for Sunday.

Until Next Time