Finished Object (FO): New Socks

This is the third pair of socks I have made since January. I don’t know what is about socks, but if I start with one pair I end up making 10 pairs. I think I need to learn how to magic loop two socks at once. Why is this? Well look at the picture real carefully and you let me know…

 Did you spot it? The aqua color is most certainly NOT even at the toes. Whoops! That is what I get for not counting rows properly. I could frog one back, but I am kind of too lazy to do it right now.

I knitted these from the Basic Sock pattern from Learn to Knit Socks by Edie Eckman.  The yarn is Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn in Deep Plum and the aqua is an alpaca blend that was in my stash (sorry no yarn info). The pattern is a cuff down pattern with a heel flap construction. I haven’t used this pattern in awhile, and I remembered why. 1) I always cast on too tight and then have to jam my foot in the sock cuff and 2) I hate picking up the stitches around the heel flap.  I  defiantly going to shelf this pattern and look for some more complex socks to make in the future. 

What is your favorite sock pattern to make? 


A Fiber Lover’s Heaven

As I exited the light rail door and saw the Santa Clara Convention Center, I knew that I was about to enter one of the most fantastic yarn events I had ever been to. The excitement was mounting and my quickened heart rate and speedy steps were a testament to it. Finally, I was getting the chance to attend the Stitches West Convention! If you don’t know, Stitches West is a 3-day event celebrating all things fiber. There are classes, fashion shows, and of course the marketplace. Unless you are going to a class or are a vendor, I think one day to hit the marketplace is enough.

photo 5

Entering the Marketplace was initially overwhelming. Actually it was more like sensory overload. I wanted to clone myself so I could run down each aisle and touch as many beautiful skeins as I could. However, it this type of situation one must exhibit some self-control (haha).

How to Shop the Marketplace at Stitches West:

1) Bring a Friend. It is essential to bring a friend that will reel you in. Thankfully, I had a veteran Stitches West attendee with me. She really helped me focus my attention and develop a plan of attack.

2) Do a reconnaissance lap. Take your time to go up and down each aisle. You never know what you might stumble upon!

3) Bring a pen. During your initial lap you can write down which booths you want to re-visit. (or if you are tech savvy put the names in your smartphone)

4) Save your purchasing until your last hour of being in the Marketplace. Unless it is the last of something truly amazing, do your purchasing at the end of your journey. Not only will you then purchase what you really want, but it is less to carry around with you during the day.

5) Make sure you bring sustenance. You are allowed to bring in food and drinks. Make sure you are well hydrated and fed. There is a lot of walking and shopping to be done. You don’t want to loose steam too quickly.

6) Bring your own shopping bag. Not too many shops were including a bag with the  purchase so make sure you bring a reusable bag.

See how amazing it was?!? Some of my highlights included spotting Stephen West (sorry I didn’t ask him for a picture) and also being introduced to Miss Babs yarn. Wowzers! The yarn is to die for! After much debate, I ended up purchasing a  rainbow varigated skein to make some socks. The yarn is so soft it feels like a box full of fuzzy bunnies. photo

I also purchased a giant cone of 100% wool from the WEBS booth. I plan on making a sweater with it. I could resist as it was only $30. I mean $30 for a pound of wool?!? Who could say no? I am also in love with this coral color. It most certainly screams springtime.

photo 2

I am really glad I stuck to my “list” and didn’t go outside of my yarn budget. Stitches West is such a great way to discover new yarn and other goodies. There is a very good chance that the yarn buying could have gotten out of control. However, my wonderful fiber buddy kept me in check and I am really happy about that. I am sad it is over, but I look forward to Stitches West 2016!

Stitches West Excitement

IMG_5459 I may not be Christmas, but tomorrow it will sure feel like it. I am jumping on the train and heading to the Stitches West Convention in Santa Clara, CA! This will be my first time going. I cannot wait to caress some beautiful yarn and check out all of the fun knitting accessories. I hope I can contain myself and stick to my “shopping list.”

IMG_5460 Check back for pictures of my adventures.

Wonder Knitter Project

That’s right it’s back! I busted out my Wonder Knitter last night for a quick little project. Not like I need another project to work on. 😳 (I have two others in progress.) However, my favorite simple headband (black I-cord made on my Wonder Knitter) is looking a little shabby. Since I wear it so much, a new one was much needed.

20 minutes later and Tah-dah! My favorite Natural Hair Accessory!


Forgotten Things

I had plans. But like many things in life they weren’t accomplished. I was going to have an amazing post about my weekend trip to Palm Springs, CA and I was going to finish my newest socks on the needles. Well none of that got done. Between meeting tons of new people, playing several games of Cornhole, and hanging by the pool I just well…forgot. Better luck next time I guess 😳

I went to Palm Springs and all I came back with was this crummy picture


New Tricks for a Seasoned Knitter

I love learning new tricks to improve/ challange myself as a knitter. My Simple Socks are finished, however, the process was not  that simple. Why you say? Well the pattern utilized three techniques that I was not that familiar with. So before getting my needles going, I had to hit the internet to do a little research.

1)Casting on my sock – Judy’s Magic Cast On: A friend from my weekly knitting group sent me this video and told me it would change my sock making forever. Well it did. A couple of practices and I was making magic! I have to say one sock had a wobbly start, so the tip of the sock needed a few stitches to line it up correctly.

2)Shaping the toe of my sock-  Left and Right Leaning Increases: I like this tutorial on The Daily Skein. It is pretty easy to execute once you get a hang of  where to insert your working needle.

3)Finishing my sock- Super Stretchy Bind-Off: Whenever I make socks toe-up I always run into the issue of a cuff that is too tight. I have really muscular calves as well therefore, a method that gives me the most stretch is best. Enter Jeny’s Super Stretchy Bind Off.  Holy wowzers! I love it. This technique gives some serious stretch at the top of the sock.

Well the end result of my challenge made me a very happy knitter. My new socks look great. I did make the cuff much longer than the pattern called for as I want to wear them with ankle boots. All and all, I think another pair of socks using this pattern is defiantly in my future.

What new techniques have you recently discovered?

WIP Wenesday

Better late than never right? Work is really killing me right now so there is not much time for blog posts :(. However, I have made some serious headway on my Rainbow Star Blanket ( 9 inches more!). This is the perfect TV project as it is pretty mindless to work on.


For my commuting project, I am finishing up the second sock using my Painted Desert wool blend.

I hope your week is going a little bit better than mine. Happy Wednesday!