Ecuador Bound!

¡Hola from Ecuador! It is Spring Break and I am super excited to be in Ecuador for 9 days! I plan on eating, hiking, and enjoying the gorgeous scenery. 

As with any trip I made sure to have my knitting planned and packed. I brought along my skein of Felici in Slumber Party to start some shortie socks. I kept my notions to a minimum as I didn’t want issues with airport security (aka no scissors). After many hours on a plane and a 7 hour layover in Mexico City I got quite a bit of sock #1 completed. I used Judy’s Magic Cast on and a short row heel. I am not the hugest fan of short row heels (they come out a little shallow for me) but it did the job in this case. Check back for more adventures in Ecuador!

Hasta Luego,



Knitting Works In Motion

I take my knitting pretty much everywhere I go during the weekdays. Especially on my 2-hour commute to and from work. Whether it is the car, a bus, on the commuter train I am happily knitting away.


I also take my knitting to other social events: football parties, parks, camping, hanging by the pool…you name it, it comes. To be honest, my friends have gotten so used to me knitting that it is a little perplexing if I am hanging with them and not knitting.

I find that when I have my knitting with me I am more likely to work on projects and get things off the needles. Plus I think it is better to be knitting during my free time than getting sucked into something like being on my phone all the time. Knitting keeps me busy while still allowing me to have a connection with the world around me.

Where does your knitting go with you? 

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Yarn Goodies

My Knit Picks Yarn is here! Woot woot! Last week, I succumbed to Knit Picks marketing email. I clicked and looked and clicked and looked and now my goodies are here 😊.  

I wanted to design something in solid rainbow colors. So I selected some Shine Sport and Comfy Sport, which are sport weight Pima Cotton/acrylic blends. I am thinking a cowl, but I am not 100% committed to that idea. I also purchased 2 skeins of Felici in Limeade and Slumber Party. Both skeins remind me of delicious salt water taffy.  I couldn’t resist the fun colors. 

Knit Picks is a solid online shopping option for yarn if you are being cost conscious. They have a variety of affordable selections that are not just acrylic-based. Unlike big box retailers, Knit Picks stocks wool, cotton, linen, and alpaca in 6 different weights. So if you haven’t peruse their site I definitely suggest a visit. 

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Flower Power

Headbands are a great spring transition accessory. They keep your ears warm on those nippy days and are a fashionable way to hide a bad hair day 😉. Headbands make for great stashbusters as they use around 30-40 grams of yarn.They also are great gifts for kids, teens, and co-workers. 

Flowers are a easy way to adore a basic knitted band. I generally crochet them, but I also like to experiment with I-cords. Here are some of my original headbands listed in my Etsy shop.

Are you a headband fan?

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Spring Knitting

Spring begins today and it certainly feels like it in San Francisco. The weather has been mild and the sun has been peeking out more. In honor of the seasons changing I whipped up this pretty shawl for my Etsy shop using some lovely Pima cotton. A lot of knitters don’t really like knitting with cotton. Most comment about how it feels rough to work with and can make finished object loose their shape after some wear. These points are true to an extent. Cotton often doesn’t have the springiness nor smoothness that most wool yarns have. This can result in a denser fabric that doesn’t revert back to its original shape as easily. With this being said, I think there is a definite place for cotton yarn.

When creating with cotton, I enjoy knitting with Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton. There is a great variety of colors and it has a nice sheen. Ultra pima cotton is pretty soft on my fingers and has fairly great stitch definition.

The downside of this yarn is that it does pill after some wear/washes. However, I haven’t found it to be so bad that the item is unsightly. Cotton is a great option for tops and shawls for the warmer weather. I still love my wool, but I am always open to exploring different fibers.

What fibers do you use in the warmer months?

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Knitting with Cables

In all honesty, I really don’t like cable knitting. I find it to be way too laborious. I like my knitting to flow. I want to just keep going and going in a smooth forward movement.When cabling, I find all that fiddling with the cable needle really puts a kink in my groove. Not only do I need to keep track of the needle, but I have to make sure that I hold it just so in order to keep the stitches on the needle. One fix for this was I invested in a U-shaped needle. It made a noticeable difference in my control abilities.


Even though I have an aversion for cable knitting, I still like to dabble every now and then. It keeps my skills fresh as well as challenges my inner knitter. I continue to stay away from the complex stuff (see example A and B) as it looks way too daunting.

Ilia by Michele Wang


Carlu by Fiona Ellis


Here is my latest project that includes basic cables. It is a simple headband using my favorite colorway (Jade Heather) from Paton’s Classic Wool line. I have a few random balls left in my stash and I am trying to use them up.

The project is going okay. My reluctance toward this method hasn’t been cured, but I like how the diamond pattern is playing out. I also made a great decision to practice on such a small piece. I only have to use the cabling needle twice (at most) per right side row. This headband is a great option to just dipping my toes in the water. 😉

Is there any knitting method that you avoid? 

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Orchids in Balboa Park

Aside from knitting, flowers are my favorite things to admire. The variety of colors and shapes keep my inner creator intrigued.

I had the pleasure of heading to San Diego, CA this weekend and I got to wander through the Botanical Garden in Balboa Park. The garden featured orchids, tropical palms, and ferns, and there was a little tulip patch. Many of the colors had me taking notes. Case and point these flowers: 

I am in love with this rich hot pink color. I must find some yarn this exact color and knit a cardigan. Not quite sure why mind is saying cardigan, but I am rolling with it haha. 

The orchids on display were hands down my favorite. Orchids are so sculptural looking and the color combinations/patterning have me in awe. This visit most certainly got my creative wheels turning.

What inspires you to create?

Until Next Time,


Test Knit: Stormy Sky Shawl

The Stormy Sky Shawl is an asymmetrical knitted shawl. It is made in a skewed triangle shape from end to end using fingering weight yarn. The pattern alternates between garter stitch, eyelets, and dropped stitches, which keeps it interesting while knitting.


This shawl caught my eye one evening while scrolling through my Instagram feed.  I loved how the textural features fit so well together. The knit designer at Life is Cozy was looking for test knitters so I volunteered. I immediately thought of using my skein of Atlantis Yarn in Seafoam.


This pattern was well written and easy to follow. I appreciated the pattern notes and options for modifications (making shawl longer, adding tassels). I opted out of these choices as I only had one skein of yarn to work with.  I have seen other tester’s FOs and the tassels are a nice compliment.


Even though I used a wool blend, this shawl is super light and airy. It would make a perfect wrap on a spring day or evening spent by the water. I like that there are a few options of how to wear it as well. 


I decided to gift this shawl to my best friend for her birthday. She loved it! She is a ballet dancer so she envisioned using this shawl as a wrapper when she is warming up for class.

When you get the chance check out for more beautiful and free patterns.

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