I Can’t Resist Cashmere

Cashmere you dreamy fiber. How I love your glorious softness. Generally, I avoid you in the yarn store because I cannot resist your charm. However, on my recent trip to Vermont, I caved. I caved hard and now am the proud owner of three new skeins of Merino/Cashmere/Nylon blended goodness.

I purchased my new skeins from a lovely store called Nido. The shop is located on the second floor of a beautiful old brick building. One side of the store is devoted to fabrics and the other side is fiber. The staff members were perfect. They greeted me when I came in, but gave space to do my perusing (aka petting). After a little while, I was approached and given the full yarn tour. Personally, I like to have time with the yarn before the sales associates try to sway me.

nido_VermontQuiltFestival_R1I didn’t explore the fabric side much as my sewing skills are horrific. However, I spent about 20 minutes on the fiber side. Nido carries more of the quality yarns (think Madeline Tosh, Brooklyn Tweed, Quince & Co.) and has a limited variety of brands. This is defiantly the shop you go in when you have a special project in mind. They also carry some very awesome knitting books and possess gorgeous samples.

So what did I buy? Well, I purchased two skeins of yarn from Magpie Fibers. I have never tried nor seen this yarn in my LYS so I was extra excited to be introduced to it. The skiens are called “Jaded” and ” Frankie Says Relax”. I was drawn to the rich colors in each of the yarns. My vision is to intermix the solid skein and the variegated one in a basic sweater silhouette.


I also purchased a skein of String Theory’s Casper Sock Yarn.  Immediately, I thought of these socks and knew that I had to have this yarn. So in the bag it went. The photo doesn’t show it well, but this yarn is variegated with shades of blue and purple. I am quite curious to see how it knits up.


Overall, I am overjoyed with my purchases and can’t wait to get this yarn on the needles. Cashmere is such a treat.

Is there a fiber that makes your heart melt? 

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Visit Vermont

Oh Vermont, how quaint your state is. Considering the whole state is less populated than the city of San Franciso I didn’t know what to expect. The two days I was there I thoroughly enjoyed your green mountains, historic towns, and super friendly citizens. IMG_4564[1]

Your state capital Montpelier has that small town charm mixed with years and years of history. I was a huge fan of old brick buildings. The state house was also pretty spectacular as well.

Not too far up the road, there was the Ben and Jerry’s factory. It was the best place to stop on a hot day. We all enjoyed visiting the flavor graveyard, checking out the cows, and most of all sampling the ice cream.

Our adventures also lead us to the Trapp Family Lodge (yes the place where the family from the Sound of Music lived), the gorgeous Shelburne Farms, and Bristol Falls for some cliff jumping.  Coming from California, a state that was in a huge drought, Vermont was soooooo green. The grass looked like an emerald carpet.

Thank you to my dear friend J for showing us such a great time. She really convinced us that Vermont is a pretty amazing state to visit 😉. 

Until Next Time, 


FO: Zinone Top

It is officially summer and I am excited for the much needed vacation time ahead. In preparation for the hot weather, I have been knitting up some cute cotton tops. One pattern that I have had my eye on was the Zinone top by Andi Satterlund. I love love love the lace detail along the back of the top. I will say I think my lace got a little off center. I am choosing to consider it a “design modification” (hahah)

Zinone is a great pattern as it has several options to make the top of your dreams. This top can be made as a crop top or full length. You can also make a partial or full lace back (depending on how ambitious you are feeling). I went with partial lace back and more of the crop length. 

As with most of Andi’s patterns, the top is made from the top down and includes waist shaping. The best part…minimal end weaving as the body is made in the round. Woot woot! 

I tried a new yarn that I found in my LYS. It is called Bio Sesia 5 and it is 100% organic cotton. This yarn was one of the best cotton yarns I have knit with. It is soft on the fingers, pretty tightly wound (for a cotton yarn), and creates a well-defined garment. I have worn the top a couple of times now and I am happy to report no pilling! 

Zinone is another great pattern from Andi! I can’t wait to get some more wear out of it. I tried to wear this top on my trip to Martha’s Vineyard to model for you, however, it started downporing and my lovely new top got soaking wet ☹️. Follow me on Instagram (@knitsbywhitsf) for some dry photos in the coming days. 

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Tales From The Road

So our move has begun. We will be road tripping across the USA to Martha’s Vineyard and then we will wiggle down the East Coast to Virginia. The whole trip should take us about 2.5 weeks. As of today we are in Nebraska. It has been so enjoyable watching the changing landscape while barreling east on I-80. 

In the car, we have been listening to an audio book called Desperation by Stephen King. I have to say it is a little creepy to listen to on this particular trip. In the story, a psychopathic cop targets people on road trips as they travel down Highway 50 in Nevada. Thankfully, we didn’t take that route 😬. 

I have also been knitting up a storm. I finished an Etsy order ( Toddler Hat made with Cascade Heritage Paints in Baltimore) and started some socks. I am knitting with Payton’s Kroy Sock yarn in Grey Brown Marl. Not my favorite yarn to knit with. I like a little more sheen and springiness to my sock yarn. I am curious to see if the softness level changes after a soak. I have two skeins to work with so I am making some pretty big socks. 

Well only 1,400 more miles to go! 

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New Beginnings

Hello, lovely readers! I am sorry I have been gone for so long. Life has been super crazy and I have just recently been able to take a deep breath. What has been going on? Well, my husband and I have made the bold choice of uprooting our current lives to move to…CHINA!

4e6304ea1eeb3762da8cd47445657874For a couple of years now, my husband and I have been discussing moving internationally. We both love to travel and explore new cultures and living abroad seemed like a great way to continue to educate ourselves about the world. So earlier this year we began applying for jobs in Asia. After a few interviews, we were both hired as primary school teachers at an international school in southern China. We were happy with the job and benefits and signed a contract for 2 years. Since we got hired, I have been so busy with wrapping up my current job, applying for a visa/work permit, and moving out of my apartment that I have had little mojo to blog. As of yesterday all major work is done so I should be able to return to my regular knitting postings. 

Here is my last shot of the Bay Bridge (which I rode across daily to get to work).  I have mixed feelings about leaving San Francisco and the Bay Area as I have lived in the city for 6 years. However, I am looking forward to what lays ahead. This summer we plan on driving across America to visit with family and friends. So check back for postings from the road.

Until Next Time,