Honoring our First Teachers-Mothers!

This week is special to me. Not only is it the end of teacher appreciation week (yay teachers!), but also Mother’s Day falls on Sunday. It is funny how this aligns because our mothers are our earliest teachers. They teach us not to stick things in our mouths, wash your hands with soap, and how to navigate the world.

Crafting has always been present in my home. After all,  I am a fourth generation knitter.  I remember from early childhood my grandmother would send us homemade mittens and cookies for Christmas. I use to love these mittens. On snowy days in Massachusetts my sister and I would pile on a couple pairs of Gramie’s mittens and be outside for hours. My mother has been knitting off and on since I was a child too. I tried to learn  when I was about 8 years old. I didn’t have the patience for it at the time so a gave up. It wasn’t until I was about 15 that I started picking up interest in it again. So my lovely mother sat down with me and taught me the basics. It was then that the “knitting beast” took hold of me, and mom and I have been knitting ever since.

One of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever gotten is a hand crafted pillow made by my mom. She presented it to me at my college graduation. It was her first color work project in a long time and I think it is some of her best work


So to all the mothers out there and especially mine: Thanks for being a teacher, mom, and  a great supporter. Happy Mother’s Day!