Fighting Stereotypes

Today,  I was playing Old Maid with my students and I ended up with the “Old Maid” card. There are several issues with this picture.  Number one I hate that the knitting needles are facing the wrong way. Get it together cartoonist! The needle ends face downward…duh! Secondly, this image  continues to perpetuate the stereotype that all knitters are elderly and women. Why is it when most people think of knitting they picture their grandmother or some other elderly woman sitting in a rocking chair slowly generating items such as afghans and/or mittens?

So who should we picture when we think of knitters? My answer: Think of anyone. That is right any human. Knitting is a universal activity. As long as you can hold up two sticks and swing that yarn you are a knitter.

As I write these words I know that I am preaching to the choir. We knitters know that the stereotypes are untrue. I mean look at me. I am a 30 year old African American woman who enjoys knitting while drinking cocktails. I have been known to take my knitting anywhere from the beach to the Inca Trail. Knitting is my love and I don’t care who knows (haha).


So how can we change stereotypes? Knit, knit, knit! Knit in public, knit with others, and share your talent. We are a unique community and we need to represent!

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Knits In Action: Day 4

Knitting with beads is always fun. They are a great addition to accessories such as headbands or shawls. Today I wore my Headband/Wrap Bracelet, which is a free pattern of my creation.  I used the stringing method to add the beads, which calls for you to string all the beads on the yarn prior to knitting.

Coffee is a must in the morning!


Coloring my St. Patrick’s Day page

This week I have been making some small pouches for all my bridesmaids using beads. The pouches will be part of their welcome gifts. Inside I will be placing small beauty products such as lip balm and eye shadow. Here is what I have so far:

I am planning on sewing the seams and attaching a zipper to the top. I made the choice to use the crochet hook method when adding the beads. I think I like this method a little better. Less initial work.

I have 6 more pouches to go. Thank goodness I started early as I am very likely to get distracted by other lovely crafting projects. 107 days till the big day 👰🏾!

Knits in Action: Day 2

per·se·ver·ance ˌ/pərsəˈvirəns/
steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success
Today I wore my Fair Isle Cardigan designed by Debbie Bliss. I made this cardigan ages ago when I was still a novice knitter. It was actually my first dabble with Fair Isle technique on a large scale. I remember seeing the pattern in Vogue Knitting and I was immediately attracted to it. I loved the deep V neckline, the variety of colors, and the great silhouette. I was excited and not afraid of the challenge ahead.
Little did I know how involved it would be. I was working in the times before I really knew about YouTube and Ravelry so I had to read, read, read.  I really didn’t know much about working with multiple colors nor did I know about how to adjust tension when doing colorwork. It was slow and arduous at times, but I wanted a finished sweater.  Well 4 months later I did it. I had finished all of the 5 pieces and was ready to seam them together. I reached my the point of victory. I made a Fair Isle sweater!


My Cardigan at Knitting Group

 I’ll admit it this sweater has flaws, yet conversely it is one of my prized possessions. It is an example of how diligence and perseverance can lead to some seriously positive results. Working through this pattern made me realize that no knitting project is scary. One has to prepare and be ready to wade through the sticky situations. You never know, you might end up with something that really is quite stunning.

Knits in Action

My fiancé recently commented that he always sees me knitting, but I never really wear my finished objects. I was shocked think that this was true. Yes it is hard to wear my sweaters when it is 60+ degrees most days, but I haven’t even really been wearing my headbands or cowls lately.  So I decided to prove a point.  This week I will be rocking a hand-knit everyday. 

Here is my Monday look featuring my Karl Sweater. This chunky grey cardigan was named after the fog that is always rolling through the bay.  

 I have to say I really hate this picture. However, I was in a rush to take it before my dinner burned in the oven 😳. Check in tomorrow for more Knits By Whit!

New Socks

It was a super rainy weekend. It stunk in terms of getting out of the house, but perfect for finishing projects. And I did just that with my latest socks.

I used Judy’s Magic Cast On to start these toe up socks. I casted on 14 stitches (7 each needle) and then made steady increases until I got to 62 stitches total. When I arrived at the heel I decided on a short row heel.

The one thing I am a little dissapointed about is the depth of the heel contrast section. I wish it were a little larger and covered my whole heel. I can look past this though as my socks will be in my shoes😉.

Once I got to the leg, I knitted for about 7″ and then transitioned to a 1×1 rib for 12 rows. I used  Jeny’s Super Stretchy Bind Off to finish off the cuff. This method uses yarn overs to add some stretch to any edge. I love this technique. I have big calves so the more stretch at the tops of my socks the better. Very happy to have finished my second pair of socks in 2016!

Yarn: Valley Yarn Huntington in Bluestone and Sea Gull

Needles: US Size 1 (Knit Picks 62″ circular needle)

Playing With Beads

It is Friday so I should have a finished object right? Well I do! It isn’t fiber related, but still wearable and cute. 😉

 I had a bunch of old and/or broken jewlery lying around that was dying to be re-purposed.   Some clear fishing line, patience, and a hour later and PRESTO!  I couldn’t get any good photos wearing it,  but I can’t wait to rock it this weekend. Happy Friday!

Sock, Sock…Blanket!

Fiber has been flying in the House of Whit. I have 1.5 Anastasia Socks completed. Why only 1.5 you may ask? I ran out of yarn…#rookiemistake. This really annoys me. I recently made a pair of socks with the same yarn and gauge and had more than enough left over.

Guess I will need to buy another skein only to use ~ 1/4 of it.😒 I guess there are bigger problems in the world.

In the mean time, I started another pair socks. I am using up the scraps of my Valley Yarn Huntington in Sea Gull and Bluestone. The toes, heels, and cuffs will  be accented in the Bluestone.
 Last, but not least, I am plugging away at my crochet blanket. I have decided it will be a gift for my grandfather’s birthday.

One in hibernation, one on the needles, and one on the hook. Not a bad line up for the week.

What are you making this Wednesday?

Celeb Knitter

Once you get into it, knitting is super relaxing.  It is such a positive way to focus your energies and let the worries melt away. I was very happy to learn that Lupita Nyong’o includes knitting into her performance prep ritual.  What an amazing way to rid yourself of the pre-show jitters.

 Knowing this makes me love Lupita even more. Not only do I want to see her FO, but I need to know what yarn this is ASAP! 

Check out this  article and follow Lupita on IG: lupitanyongo.