What Is in My Bag?

My knitting bag is stuffed with WIPs! Okay really it is a small bag and there are only two WIPs inside. (Haha) I did manage to fit three in there, but I finished a project that I will reveal on Friday. ūüėČ

The first project is the re-start of my Buisness Casual Socks. This go around I am following the pattern exactly and it is going much better! I am using DPNs and everything. Last night at knitting group, I made it to the heel turn. 

 The other project is the ever growing Pinwheel Blanket. I told you two inches  would be added and I did not lie! Unfortunately, I am approaching the end of my last scrap of yarn. ūüėē No worries! This just means a pause in project…therefore not the end of the world. I plan on ordering more yarn later this week. 

What are you working on this Wednesday?


Hiking in Muir Woods

Muir Woods is a gorgeous¬†National Forest containing some of the oldest Redwood trees in the Bay Area. Due to its close proximity to San Francisco, it is often a pain to enjoy the park. Why you might ask? The parking lot is always crowded and the main trails are generally¬†swamped with tourists. As much as tourists feed our economy they can be quite a pain in large groups. A few deep breaths¬†and many Excuse Me’s¬†later we made it to the quiet beauty of the forest.

We completed an approximately 4.5 mile loop through the park. The exact details of the loop can be found here on the blog Hikerly. All and all this was a quick hike that made for a lovely afternoon outing.

Finished Object Friday: Another Lacy Scarf

Friday woot woot! I know you are excited. I am excited to FINALLY show you this finished object.  This one felt like it took forever to complete.

Meet my newest Lacy Scarf. I shall call her Olivia, as she is the color of olives. Here she is before I blocked her.

scarf 3

I found this free pattern on the blog Give Me a Purl. It was a pretty easy project to make. It would definitely be good beginner lace project.

My personal changes to the pattern: Instead of using the recommended size US 10 needles, I used size US 5. I liked the slightly tighter tension it gave. I also used wool/nylon blend yarn rather than alpaca. For more information please see my Ravelry page.

scarf1 scarf2

This scarf is intended as a birthday gift for a friend. Fingers crossed she doesn’t figure out it is for her before I send it off. Hopefully, it is thin enough that she can wear it even though summer is approaching. You never know when a chilly summer night might pop up. Right?

What are you finishing this Friday?

WIP Wenesday: Pinwheel Blanket

My Pinwheel Baby Blanket is slow going. One reason is that I have not had much knitting time. Errands and activities have kept me pretty busy. The other reason is that I have had some serious hand pain while knitting. I decided to take a break from this project as I am using some tiny needles. Here is what she looks like so far:


I have a four-day weekend coming up so hopefully my blanket will grow another 2 inches or so. The baby isn’t due till October so I still have plenty of time :).

What are you working on this Wednesday? 

Quick Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day in the USA is coming up on Sunday. Have you formulated a plan yet? Bought a gift? Here is a quick DIY gift that you or the kids could make in 5 minutes or less.

Upcycled Tin Can Vase


Materials: a tin can (any size- I used a coffee can), scissors, contact paper (*I found this french-style pattern paper at Target for $3)

1) Wash the inside and outside of the can. Let dry.

2) Cut your contact paper to the size of the can.

3) Peel the backing off the contact paper and adhere to the can.

You did it! Easy right? You can fill this can with flowers or plants, candies, baked treats,spa items…etc. Enjoy!

Cheerful Feet

Yay! My Hermoine Socks are done! The fit of these socks is perfection. I have super tiny feet, and I truly appreciate a sock that actually fits. I spend too many days trying to stuff over-sized floppy socks into my shoes.

IMG_6171[1] I veered away from the pattern and used a double magic loop to create the socks two-at-a-time. The Hermoine socks were much easier to work up using this method. Remember the failed try with my Business Casual socks?

The only real tricky part of the pattern was after the heel turn. I had to get creative with figuring out the proper arrangement of stitches as I was not using the prescribed two circular needles. I ended up rearranging the stitches over several rows so that I could knit the gusset section with the two sides facing each other rather than the top and the bottom facing each other. Once I got to the instep I rearranged the stitches back to my original setup- the top and bottom facing each other (see picture above).

I am definitely looking forward to use this pattern again. It is fairly simple and enjoyable to make and great for any gender. My only suggestion would be to use a solid color yarn if you really want show off the textured section of the sock. I would most certainly check it out if you are looking for a new go-to sock pattern :).

Weekend Wrap-Up: Camping

Did you have a good weekend? I did!  We spent the weekend camping outside of Livermore, CA. The weather was perfect, not too hot or cold. On Saturday, we hiked for a little bit and settled by the lake. It was somewhat of a lazy day mixed with picnicking, a competitive game of kickball,  and bird watching.


I also had some free time to start a new knitting project. YAY! A friend of mine is pregnant and a baby blanket is always a nice gift. I saw this Pinwheel Blanket on the¬†blog Knit the Hell Out¬†and was instantly drawn to its shape. I love making circular blankets for babies. “Baby burritos” are the cutest.¬†I had some fingering weight super wash wool lying around in my stash, which is nice and soft for babies. My only fear is that I will not have enough yarn. I am using 3 different balls of variegated yarn that all have green, blue, and purple in them. So if I run out, I am sure I can find something similar. The colors seem a little dark for a baby, but I kind of like that. Not every baby item has to be pastel and bright. Earthy tones are great for babies too :).

IMG_6166[1]Knitting by the campfire was super relaxing. However, I am definitely going to have to wash this blanket well before I give it to baby as it has a campfire scent to it now. Nothing a little wool wash can’t fix.

Hope you had a great weekend!