Knits by Whit was launched in April 2013 as an outlet for me to share my experiences in knitting. At that point, I had stumbled upon so many blogs and fabulous designers in the knitting world that I felt I should begin to record my personal experiences.  With this inspiration, I embarked on a quest to broaden my learning and continue my growth as a knitter and designer.

So what to expect from Knits by Whit? If you love reading about personal accounts in knitting and creating knitwear you are in the right spot. My aim is to write weekly posts about my knitting projects (the triumphs and struggles) as well as bits of advice and other fiber related news. By doing this, I hope to foster a community of like-minded individuals who desired to lift up those in the fiber world. My 16 years of knitting experience, as well as a lifelong love of crafting, continues to drive me to seek inspiration from all aspects of life. I hope you enjoy hearing my voice and I would love to hear from you.

Email me at: knitbywhit@gmail.com

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  1. Hi! I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award! I love your blog and think that you have a lot more to share with the blogging world! If you’d like to accept the award, visit my blog at thenoveltyknitter.wordpress.com for instructions. Thanks for your time, and I can’t wait to read your future posts!

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  3. Thanks so much for checking out my blog! Your projects are just lovely and I’m looking forward to perusing more of your archives.

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