Wisp Scarf

For some reason Mother’s Day always creeps up on me. I have known for weeks it has been coming, but I got engrossed in other projects and did not start my mother’s day gift until Saturday.😳

I have had this mohair blend in my stash for what has seemed like FOREVER. In reality it most certainly has been a decade. (Sorry for no label information.) This yarn was an impulse buy in a Texas yarn shop that I don’t remember the name of either. I loved the color and the fluffiness of it so in my stash it went. Well I am so glad that I finally have some use for it. I made the Wisp scarf from Knitty’s Summer 2007 collection.

This scarf looks complicated, but if you know how to K2tog and yarn over you are golden. I was mostly finished by Sunday as you work the piece with US size 8’s and fingering weight yarn. Overall, I am very happy with the result.

I had to get a little creative with the blocking as I don’t have blocking wires.

If you like lacy patterns then I highly suggest the Wisp scarf. Crossing my fingers my mom does too.

Update: She loved it!