FO Friday: Arrows Hat

Well another trial with stranded colorwork is complete. I am very much in love with this arrow motif. It has so much potential and so many options to try.

I have been trying to perfect the two-handed stranded colorwork technique. (This is basically holding one strand of yarn in each hand while you knit.) While making this hat I did a little test. I changed which hand I held the contrast color (or color B) in while knitting each row of arrows. Why you may ask? I wanted to see how different my stitch tension was between my left and right hands. Conclusion? My left had a looser tension, which translated into the contrast stitches looking more pronounced. Since I am a pretty tight knitter this was good to know. Often times my contrast stitches look like they are being swallowed by the main color. Case in point check out the pulling in the first (bottom) row. This was completed with the white yarn in my right hand. 

The color work came out lovely, but the hat is snug for an adult head. I think I may try this design again, but with larger needles. 

Did you get to finish a project today? 

Until Next Time,



3 thoughts on “FO Friday: Arrows Hat

  1. Beautiful hat, Whit! How interesting to read that switching hands produced a different level of contrast. Did this colourwork require a lot of float catching? Congrats on another splendid work. 🙂

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