Whit Takes on The Emerald City

I often feel like I am  trying to compare new things to the life I know. I find myself making statements such as, “Well it is a lot like…” As much as formulating relationships helps me process new information, I find it good practice to sometimes just look at things tabula rasa (with a clean slate).  Seattle, Washington was unlike any city I have ever been to. I never really found myself saying, “It’s a lot like…”  Seattle was different…and I loved it.

At night, what you see is a city, because all you see is lights. By day, it doesn’t look like a city at all. The trees out-number the houses. And that’s completely typical of Seattle. You can’t quite tell: is it a city, is it a suburb, is the forest growing back?- Jonathan Raban, Author

I think the things that most amazed me was how green it was. Seattle definitely lived up to the “Emerald City” name. I mean how many cities do you know have more trees than buildings? I hope to get back to that beautiful city soon so that I can take more advantage of the green spaces. Good thing Seattle is only a short plane ride away :).


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